At NVPC, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem of giving in Singapore.

To this intent, we work with both givers and giving practitioners whose tireless work plays an invaluablerole in creating the national narrative on giving.

We are committed to supporting and strengthening Singapore’s non-profit community by connecting them to givers, and by strengthening their leadership capacity to help inspire confidence in givers.




Connecting Non-profits to Givers 

In December 2015, NVPC launched Singapore's first one-stop portal for giving. unites our previous two portals - SG Gives for donations and SG Cares for volunteerism. It enables Non-profits to simultaneously connect with both individuals as well as corporations. As a Non-profit, joining will enable you to choose volunteers that are required (skills-based volunteerism), accept larger donations with each transaction limit up to SGD $100,000, track your volunteers via an in-built volunteer management system, and more. 

For non-profits coming on-board we also have on-boarding sessions to help you learn how can support your fundraising and volunteering efforts.

With 85,000 users and counting, is an easy way for you to engage your givers. Be a part of this by visiting




Transforming Non-Profit Leadership

Our leadership consulting arm, the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership (CNPL), advocates planned leadership and nurtures leadership capability in the non-profit sector.

Through its suite of evidence-based solutions, CNPL enables non-profit Boards and executives to exercise good governance and enhance their effectiveness in providing sustainable and high quality services for your beneficiaries.

CNPL’s programmes are designed to help you create a leadership pipeline, build effective boards and benefit from the leadership best-practices of other sectors. Find out about CNPL’s holistic framework for supporting non-profit Board Members and Executive Directors at

Know more on upcoming CNPL events and workshops here.