Why These 5 Directors Joined A Charity Film Initiative

The next 5 films of the 15 Shorts initiative are slated to be released. Hear their directors share more about their films!

Chong Yu Lun, "Shanti"


Kelvin gets to know his condominium's security guard, Shanti, and learns more about her life and the conditions she lives in. The film is dedicated to MILK.

CYL: "We don't really visually ourselves as 'the' person who will give to another so willingly. Because all of us, especially Asians, are very reserved... So this story of Kelvin, he is like that, he is like us."

"The act of giving is not instant. It just happens in our lives, so if it does happen in our life, don't just ignore it. Because taking that little first step might end up helping that person so much."

Boo Jun Feng, "Plague"


At the height of the AIDS scare in the 1980s, health worker Iris Verghese arrives at a HDB flat, introducing herself to a family as the younger son’s counselor. The film is dedicated to Action For Aids.

BJF: "One of the most significant things about filmmaking and storytelling is that we are able to put out a story and an experience. Filmmakers become voices of these important social issues to be looked at."

"When you sit down and watch something together, especially if it's a story, it becomes a human experience where people can empathise a little bit more with people who are affected by these issues. And with more of this kind of empathy and understanding, the issue becomes less of an issue."

Kee Swee San, "Guilty"


CID Chia meets Don, a young delinquent. Will Chia see a figment of good in Don? Or is his compassion misplaced? The film is dedicated to Boys' Town.

KSS: "Previously, I was kind of like a delinquent. At that point of time, I was thinking whether to quit or to carry on in the underworld. So I wanted to share my experience and how it is to live a life which is not complete."

"There are a lot of broken pieces in my life. It's very interesting to write them out, because delinquents don't intentionally put themselves in very bad situations. This matter is close to my heart."

K. Rajagopal, T(h)ree Lives


Rosie Wong, a blind woman, shares about the lives which shaped hers; in particular, Pak Cik Tubi Moh Salleh who helped her get to work everyday for 5 years. The film is dedicated to SAVH.

"In a film like this, which has a social concern and directly relates to our society, we have to make the audience think about what we're doing and that is filmmaking for me."

"If your story can reach out to a small group of people, or even just one person; if it touches that person, and it makes that person think about what he or she is doing or giving, then I think I've succeeded."

Chai Yee Wei, "Sister"


Sister Gerard becomes a death row counselor after Catherine Tan, one of Adrian Lim's holy wives, is sentenced to hang. The film is dedicated to 70x7.

CYW: "The idea of 15 Shorts was quite attractive. We have to tell a true story that happened in Singapore..."

"Most know the Adrian Lim story - but, from Adrian Lim's perspective and his angle. Everyone has neglected the perspective of the other two women also known as his holy wives."

"This is actually Sister Gerard's superhero film, how she started what she did and this is the first case."

The next 5 short films are slated to be released between December 2018 and February 2019.

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