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The Singapore Giver: A Life Stage Perspective


How can we encourage people to give at various life stages? This presentation was first shared NVPC's inaugural Giving Matters Forum (2018).

People's giving patterns change as they transition from being youth, to mid-lifers, and to seniors. What challenges do givers face at each of these three life stages? What motivates them? How can we encourage people to continue giving across their lives?  

Shared at the inaugural Giving Matters Forum in Jan 2018, this presentation draws upon NVPC's quantitative and qualitative research. This presentation touches upon:   

  • The challenges faced by Youth, Mid-lifers and Seniors
  • How desires change across life stages 
  • Current giving behaviours at each life stage, and how giving can be further encouraged 



NVPC Individual Giving Study 2018

The biennial Individual Giving Study (IGS) looks at volunteerism, philanthropy and other giving behaviours at the national level in Singapore.

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Beyond Smart Nation, towards a Caring & Inclusive Home

Andy Sim, Director of Digital Innovation, presented a segment at the Tableau Public Sector Day held on June 6th, 2018.

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NVPC Corporate Giving Survey 2017 Findings

The NVPC Corporate Giving Survey (CGS) is a study of volunteerism, philanthropy and other ways of giving among business corporations in Singapore.

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Cheatsheet: Issues Faced By The Elderly In Singapore

This cheatsheet gives a quick overview of worrying trends and emerging concerns affecting the elderly in Singapore.

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