Our Team


The CEO Office is NVPC’s treasure chest containing the Dream (CEO), The Map (COO) and The Shoes (Special Assistant and Executive Assistant). The CEO Office brings the NVPC Team together on an adventure that traverses through the heart of Singapore with a mission to fuel the nation’s giving spirit.


  • Melissa Kwee

    Melissa’s love for Philanthropy stems both from her fascination for anthropology, as well as an innate belief in the possibility of good in all human beings. While on a regular basis she volunteers with Beautiful People as a mentor and friend, as a board member with Crest Secondary School, and with Prison Fellowship, she also looks at inculcating giving as a way of life for herself and those around. Melissa’s creative bent, which as a child made her dream of becoming a make-up artist, now manifests in an urge to weave poignant tales that inspire people and communities to understand and support each other.
  • Geraldyn Lim

    Geraldyn is a lady of not many words but always ready with a smile (and a hug sometimes). Her work in her previous job brought her to almost all the continents in the world where she connected with people around the world, building trade relations and economic ties. Such similarity with her current role in NVPC where she too leverages on that magic of words to build bridges and relations. Her conviction of the power of words is what drives her to be with Beautiful People for 9 years, for she believes that relations bring about change, both with the Little Sisters she mentors and Big Sisters she volunteers with. She also volunteers with Lion Befrienders, having fortnightly chats with her sliver-years friends staying in the Macpherson neighbourhood.
  • Lim Shu Fen
    Executive Assistant

    Shufen has 7 years of HR experience and is currently supporting the CEO & COO of NVPC. Even though she is an organized person, she is also easy going and sociable. She loves cycling, travelling and interacting with children. In her free time, Shufen loves to spend quality time with her family. To inculcate the habit of giving back in her family, she plans to do volunteer work with her son when he grows up.