Colabs drives collaboration by bringing together the public, private and social sectors to tackle complex social issues.

Colabs is a philanthropic initiative by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre and the Community Foundation of Singapore. It enables philanthropists, businesses, non-profits and sector experts to collectively build insights and co-create solutions for lasting change. Social issues today are complex. They are often interconnected and present no clear causes, effects or even solutions. These problems cannot be solved by any single entity or the government alone. Today, there are few effective ways to match non-profits with philanthropists looking to solve social issues. Colabs enables changemakers to take a collective impact approach by bringing together people who are dedicated to creating social change to uplift disadvantaged communities.

How it worksHow it works


Learn about issues affecting disadvantaged groups. Philanthropists, businesses, non-profits and sector experts go on a learning journey to gain in-depth knowledge of social causes.


Align priorities to work together. With new insights, members identify opportunities to work together on a problem, and get behind a common agenda. 


Take action by collaborating for greater social impact. They share resources and expertise across sectors, and work towards achieving their shared vision for social change.

Colabs networks are formed around a specific cause; children and youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Children & Youth:

Disadvantaged young persons struggle with challenges on multiple fronts, and therefore find it hard to access the support needed to do well in life. Colabs sets out to understand what can be done to enable them to attain greater social mobility through education and employment


Despite a growing range of options, vulnerable seniors may not be able to access services that fulfil their care needs or lifestyle preferences. Colabs sets out to understand how vulnerable seniors can make choices that support their physical, psychological and social well-being.


While help is available during their growing years, persons with disabilities have limited developmental opportunities as they enter adulthood and old age. Colabs sets out to understand how persons with disabilities can be supported to live life as independent individuals.