Centre for Non-Profit Leadership

CNPL, the leadership consulting arm of NVPC, advocates planned leadership and nurtures leadership capabilities for the non-profit sector.

The Centre for Non-Profit Leadership advocates planned leadership and nurtures leadership capability for the non-profit sector. Through people search, leadership and organisational development, CNPL helps the non-profit sector by creating a leadership pipeline, building effective boards and partnering non-profits leaders and corporate professionals. Its vision is to transform the non-profit sector through effective, committed and passionate leaders.

Why have itWhy have it

To support the sector and strengthen the leadership of non-profit organisations (NPO) through evidence-based solutions, we enable them to run their charities with good governance and strategic oversight.

Transformational Leadership

It brings confidence to donors and volunteers, ensuring sustainable and high quality services for beneficiaries.

Who is it forWho is it for

Senior Corporate Leaders

Experienced, skilled and diverse volunteers to help NPOs build leadership capacity and enhance organisational capability.

Board Chair & Members, EDs & Directors

NPO leaders who wish to get greater insights on their core strengths and gain clarity for better strategy.

How it worksHow it works

To achieve this, we couple our domain expertise with strategic partnerships involving leaders in the non-profit, for-profit and public sectors. Our programmes provide a holistic framework to address transitional and transformational leadership challenges in a fast-changing, competitive landscape.

To date, we have engaged with over 240 NPOs across various sectors such as the arts, education, health, social welfare and sports.

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