Closing on 30 Sep

Intern, Community Building

Corporate Giving Temporary

Team information

Company of Good empower businesses in Singapore to give strategically, sustainably and impactfully.

Through our programmes, Company of Good build a community of givers and ignite a giving movement through corporates. We inspire and activate companies to give strategically, sustainably and impactfully, benefitting both businesses and the community. Companies can tap on opportunities to acquire knowledge, build capabilities, network and collaborate through our various programmes and initiatives.

Our key desired outcomes are to build strategic long-term partnerships with impactful stakeholders with the ability to influence and multiply - to create a self-sustaining community of like-minded givers.


The intern will be be supporting on two primary community building projects: (i) Company of Good Community Series and (ii) Mentors Network.

  1. Community Series are sessions hosted by companies to share experiences and exchange ideas on corporate giving and specific topic areas. This is a by community and for community initiative that enables businesses to contribute and give back to one another at the same time in terms of knowledge, skills and partnership opportunities
  2. Mentors Network are corporate ambassadors that will work alongside with the Company of Good team to co-create and strengthen the corporate giving community in Singapore. Mentors in the network will serve as a mentor in Company of Good Fellowship, as well as, clinics.

Learning opportunity

  • Contribute to the success and growth of the corporate giving community Singapore through community building projects that he/she will be directly involved in through planning and execution
  • Develop professional skill sets such as communication skill, research skill and stakeholder management skill through liaison and coordination with the corporates and public sector partners
  • Develop digital marketing and events management skills from the various events that he/she would be involved in over the next couple of months.
  • Gain perspectives to how programme are designed and conceptualised to empower corporates to be more strategic and sustainable in their corporate responsibility


The intern will support with the following for the purpose of strengthening the corporate giving community in Singapore:

  1. Support with research and curation of relevant materials to support with design and conceputalisation of Company of Good Mentors Network
  2. Analyse data collected from previous Community Series and propose findings and recommendations to team for improved engagement and content
  3. Follow guidelines set forth for Community Series and liaise with the host company on their pre-planning and operations work
  4. Oversee and manage pre & post coordination with members who attended Company of Good Community Series
  5. Source and engage social enterprises, speakers and/or other relevant training vendor required for community building sessions
  6. Administer timely and proper tracking and documentation for all purchases, engagement and partnerships with stakeholders
  7. Continuously update and monitor Company of Good Facebook Group and Company of Good Events; ensure requests to join group and content are kept relevant and updated
  8. Review photos and videos documented from Community Series, and work with vendor to develop documentation videos and highlight videos
  9. Support in running and implementation of Community Series and Mentors Network
  10. Other CG related events support – support in minutes from stakeholder engagement sessions, coordination with impact assessment project and other ad-hoc projects


It is encouraged for intern to have:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Keen interest to learn, has an independent and proactive attitude

Application Procedure

Interested applicants are invited to send their updated resume via [email protected] We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.