Procure From Non-Profit Organisations & Social Enterprises

Supporting non-profit organisations and social enterprises is a powerful and cost-effective way to be a responsible business.

What is it What is it

One of the ways of giving is to make socially conscious decisions, purchasing or engaging the services of non-profits or social enterprises. Buying is a great way to leverage on corporate spend, while collaborative efforts will help improve a corporate’s social footprint.

Why do it Why do it

Along with quality products and services, non-profit organisations and social enterprises are providing strong social and environmental value to businesses.

Know that your money is well spent

Instead of plainly contributing towards company profits, you could be improving the lives of women-at-risk, providing employment, or feeding the poor and homeless. There are plenty of causes to support.

Easy and effortless way to give back

Social procurement is a simple way in transitioning towards a sustainable economy. It is essentially using traditional procurement methods and in the process, creating a social impact.

Encourage innovation and quality

While they may not have the resources of mainstream businesses, social enterprises and non-profit organisations tend to be innovative to fill gaps in the market. They also have the potential to become significant players in the economy by keeping the quality of their services/products consistent.

Transparency in business practices

As consumers have increasing interest in ethical practices, social enterprises and non-profit organisations have a greater responsibility to stay accountable to its customers.

Organisation benefits

Social procurement enhances the company’s reputation externally and among employees, which helps to attract high-calibre talent and improve staff retention.

How to do it How to do it


1 Identify your preferred cause

It is important to align your company values and ensure there is a fit for both parties. What do you hope to achieve? Consider each other’s strengths and how you can tap on them to create a long-term relationship.


2 Tap on existing resources

The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) has over 400 members in the sector and nurtures new enterprises by providing advisory services, programmes, training and resources. Visit them for a directory of social enterprises and guides on where to buy gifts.

Asia For Good is another useful platform that connects you to social enterprises in Asia with a directory, events listings and feature articles. Make your first step in buying for good.

Stuff With A Difference was founded by a local Singaporean couple who has an avid love for social enterprises. The site showcases a comprehensive list of social enterprises across Singapore that provide experiences, holidays, services and products.

Non-profit organisations like the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped, MINDS, SG Enable, Bizlink Centre Singapore, Muscular Dystrophy Association and Metta Welfare Association provide a range of services from mobile massage to talent recruitment.


3 Establish a lasting relationship

Responsible procurement should be sustainable. Commit to creating social value, strengthen your business strategies and maximise returns in the long run.


4 Get in touch with NVPC

If you know of any non-profit organisations that provide unique products and services, write to us at [email protected]