Partner The Right Non-Profit Organisation

Partnering with a non-profit organisation is a great way to give back. If you are just starting out on your corporate giving journey, choosing a partner can be daunting. Learn how to select the best partner and maximise your contributions.

What is it What is it

Businesses that are willing to give may often be confused as to which causes may be the most suitable. Non-profit organisations in Singapore support a range of causes such as children and youth, elderly, sports and the environment.  

Businesses do well with partners whose missions they can tangibly support through employee engagement and other collaborative efforts.  

Why do it Why do it

Choosing a partner that suits your strengths and mission is essential. What would you want in a partner? Identify those preferences and speak to non-profit organisations to make an informed decision.

A successful partnership is strategic

Meeting each other’s goals and expectations will lead to longevity in the partnership, while failing to do so is potentially damaging for both parties. Collaborating with the right partner increases the likelihood of creating a deep impact within the community.

Build mutual trust

When both parties are clear about expectations and goals throughout the collaboration process, a trusting relationship is fostered. Your partner should be comfortable sharing information, resources and finances.

Keep brand confidence

Some non-profit organisations are associated with parties whom you may not want to identify with. Consider if there are areas that could bring potentially negative attention to your business. For instance, a sustainable clothing supplier may want to avoid being associated with fashion companies that hire sweatshop labour.

How to do it How to do it

If you are struggling with a few basic questions, such as how to give to and why, here are some tips to make it easier:


1 Find a cause that fits the company

Do you share the same values, interests or concerns? Is there a natural connection to your business?  For example, you can be a law firm serving pro-bono legal advice to charities who lack the expertise. 


2 Ask the appropriate questions

What are your selection criteria? What do employees feel strongly about? Do you understand what they do? How will the company’s contribution benefit?


3 Select a non-profit organisation is an interactive one-stop online portal where companies, non-profit organisations and individuals can donate, search for a volunteering opportunity, fundraise or pledge. Browse for charities and learn more about what they do and the kind of assistance they are looking for.

NVPC’s Company of Good organises The Giving Marketplace, a speed-dating type event that matchmakes charities and corporates, allowing both parties to meet and find ‘the one’.  


4 Create a win-win partnership

NVPC advocates for corporates and non-profit organisations to develop a longer-term partnership rather than working on a one-off or a short-term basis.  This enables both partners to identify joint objectives and make progress working towards achieving those objectives together.


5 Develop sustainable relationships

For non-profit organisations, having long-term partnerships gives them security and space to focus on improving beneficiary programmes rather than generating funds or securing resources.