Engage Working Adults

Learn how to motivate working adult volunteers and turn them into regulars.

What is it What is it

Non-profits recruiting adult volunteers will find that they are a most diverse group, and the reasons why working adults* start and continue to volunteer may differ drastically. These individuals can be single, married or young parents. They can also be full-time workers, in between jobs or even nearing retirement. 

*Here, we refer to working adults as 25 to 54-year-olds.

Why do it Why do it

Working adults want to use their skills to benefit others who need help, and would feel more compelled to volunteer regularly if they know that their skills and knowledge generated directly benefits non-profits.

How to do it How to do it


1 5 tips to spur working adult volunteers:

  1.  Increase complexity of the volunteer assignments over time. 
  2.  Develop long-term partnerships with the corporates that actively support your cause. 
  3. Start an interest group for working professional volunteers to network and collaborate.
  4. Craft different volunteer roles to encourage family volunteering.
  5. Partner corporates to offer skills-based volunteer assignments to attract new volunteers.

2 Made-to-Measure Tips

  • Provide regular feedback

Find out how your volunteers are doing. A monthly review may be helpful for gathering their feedback and gauging their interest in new or expanded volunteer roles. 

  • Connect with former volunteers

Write greeting cards to them or invite them to events. Working adult volunteers said they appreciate such gestures as they show that the volunteer manager is sincere. 

  • Give working adult volunteers autonomy 

Allow adult volunteers to manage their own programmes or even come up with new ones. By empowering them this way, volunteers will have greater incentive to remain with the organisation. 

Who's done itWho's done it