Find Volunteering Opportunities


Take a look at NVPC’s online portal to discover different ways for your company to give back to the community.  Find a cause to support, engage your employees in giving and learn more about opportunities to donate, fundraise and volunteer.  Be inspired by other company’s giving initiatives and tell others about your giving programme.

NVPC also organises Matchmaking sessions for corporates and non-profit organisations to get to know each other and start collaborating. Corporates that are committed to find a non-profit organisation to partner with can sign up at

At a Corporate-NPOs Matchmaking session held at The Loft Café (a social enterprise), we welcomed fourteen corporates and fourteen non-profit organisations   for informal discussions on potential partnerships. Each corporate was paired up with our non-profit organisations to have a one-on-one exploratory chat. We pre-screened each corporate and non-profit organisation to find out their interests and focus areas in order to have a better curated match.

The interactive session was well received by our attendees and there were some good matches that followed up after the event. We hope to include more corporates and non-profit organisations in our future Matchmaking sessions.