Our Team


Our belief and mantra is that ”Goodness is the Business of Every Organisation.” Our role is to build a culture of Giving amongst each corporation and public sector organisation in Singapore. We aim to do this by bringing corporations and organisations to begin a journey of Giving or to enhance their journey by becoming leaders and multipliers of Giving.

Our primary programmes include the Corporate Giving Roadmap, the Corporate Giving Advisory Council, Business Leaders Giving Network and Corporate Giving Practitioners’ Network.


  • Kenneth Wong
    Executive Director

    Kenneth is a bona-fide global citizen if ever there was one! In his previous senior financial and executive positions with multiple Fortune 500 companies, he has travelled around the world. From rafting down the Rogue river and hiking up to the Machu Pichu, to sailing around the British Virgin Islands, Ken has done it all, and this reflects in his diverse volunteering interests, right from helping children to volunteering for the elderly!
  • Quek Shiyun
    Deputy Director

    Shiyun’s heart is where her riches lie - this is what influenced her decision to leave the private banking sector to pursue a more fulfilling career in advocating for free trade at APEC and promoting social entrepreneurship in her subsequent professional roles (impressive indeed!). Her once-in-a-lifetime experience include coming up close with the two world’s superpower Presidents - Barack Obama and Hu Jintao at a global leaders event. Someday, she hopes to become a scholar on China’s language policy and its social impact on the minority groups.
  • Wong Peak Sha
    Corporate Giving Practitioners' Network

    Peak Sha professes to be a huge Doraemon fan. After a six-year stint in the financial industry, she decided to contribute back to the community by making the switch into the non-profit sector four years ago. She enjoys volunteering as a photographer in various non-profit organisations as it allows her to capture interesting details and human emotions.
  • Tan Bee Yan
    Corporate Giving

    Bee Yan could qualify as the next NMP, given her professional experience in the People’s Association and voluntary work with Siglap South CC Youth Executive Committee. Her most interesting experience involved collecting more than 1.8 million aluminium can tabs during a Kindness Week event, which were used to produce prosthetic limbs for a Foundation in Thailand. She confesses to being shy but cannot stop chatting once she opens up to you.
  • Galvin Tay
    Company of Good

    Galvin’s love affair with the sector started after he spent three months interning at a Non-Governmental Organisation near Delhi and exploring the country. His most memorable volunteering experience involved taking pictures for UN Women’s Hackathon where he learnt about using both technology and the community to develop solutions for common problems. He believes that tri-sector collaborations can facilitate sustainable change in the giving ecosystem.
  • Mandy Lim
    Corporate Giving Capability Development
    Mandy found her calling early. This recent Bachelor of Science in Project & Facilities Management from NUS has been planning social awareness events for domestic migrants in Singapore right from her school days. Before joining us and the social sector full time, she also devoted her intern year to developing apps for New York City residents to submit real-time municipal requests. Mandy loves photography, traveling and good conversations over coffee.
  • Avalyn Gao
    Corporate Giving Capability Development

    Avalyn believes in the quote of Helen Keller: “Life is either a great adventure or nothing”. While she pursues her career in building organisational capabilities for public and private sectors, she is an avid world traveller who loves to explore new places and immerse in their unique cultures.
    Her mission is to serve communities & facilitate transformation in people & organisations. Her most memorable volunteering experience was being a mentor for a group of at-risk youths in photography workshop where they built their self-confidence and discovered their personal narratives through the power of visual storytelling.
    As part of Corporate Giving team, she hopes to activate more companies to be part of an eco-system of the corporate giving culture in Singapore.
  • Constance Kheng
    Company of Good

    Constance holds a degree in Communications and has worked in fields of Motivational Speaking, Business Development, Copywriting & Content Development and Event & Conference Planning.
    At 6 years old, Constance was adopted. Having been a beneficiary of such selflessness spurs her in giving back to society. Her life mission is to be a voice to the voiceless and her heart burns for social justice. True to that belief, she has been volunteering with non-profit organizations for the past 10 years and even involved in pioneering a few non-profit organizations, namely Burning Hearts Pte Ltd, Project Illuminate (Kovan Sports Centre) and The City Singapore.