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Who we are

The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) is an independent non-profit organisation promoting a giving culture in Singapore through catalysing development in volunteerism and philanthropy. We work closely with other charities, corporates, public sector agencies, institutions as well as the community to build a robust ecosystem to make giving simple, fun and meaningful. 



What we do

At the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre our objective is to cultivate a strong culture of contribution where giving is part of every Singaporean’s DNA. We facilitate partnerships with non-profits, companies, public sector bodies and individuals to enliven the giving landscape within Singapore.


We enable and amplify giving by influencing hearts and minds through our role as:










We create, aggregate and curate knowledge and resources on giving; so that any individual or organisation can learn to give and give well.


INDIVIDUAL GIVING SURVEY (IGS) AND CORPORATE GIVING SURVEY (CGS) - IGS and CGS are nationwide surveys conducted on volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore. They provide insights on the different motivations and patterns of giving in Singapore. Read the IGS 2014 survey results.


KNOWLEDGE RESOURCES  - NVPC houses national reports and surveys on giving, classic articles, case studies, toolkits and resource materials on non-profit and giving related topics. Get the NVPC KIT here.


PHILANTHROPY IN ASIA SUMMIT - PIA is a biennial summit convening donors and funders of social purpose organisations from across Asia, to inform, enable and enhance philanthropic efforts. You can register for the next PIA in 2017.








We connect givers with giving opportunities by building online and offline giving platforms, so that giving is a simple, fun and meaningful experience for everyone


GIVING.SG  - Singapore’s most trusted digital giving portal, Giving.sg, connects over 400 NPOs, 80,000 individuals and companies to varied giving opportunities in fundraising, donations, crowdfunding campaigns or volunteering.


SKILLS-BASED VOLUNTEERING - A first in Singapore, Giving.sg will offer online matching of skills-based volunteering opportunities and needs to non-profit organisations and users in December 2016. Watch this space.


COMPANY OF GOOD - Developed in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation Foundation (SBFF), Company of Good (COG) empowers businesses to engage in holistic, sustained and impactful giving. Companies can take a quiz at the Company Of Good Portal to understand their giving profile and gain access to COG resources.


BOARDMATCH - Designed by Centre for Non-Profit Leadership, BoardMatch enhances board renewal, diversity and continuity in non-profit boards by matching them to leadership volunteers from other sectors with the most relevant experience. Find out more on www.cnpl.org.sg







We champion people and organisations who make Singapore a more engaged, giving and compassionate society.



NVPC’s #GivingWeek is an annual national giving campaign which happens every December and celebrates both Giving Tuesday and International Volunteer Day (IVD). #GivingWeek 2015 raised $8mn online. Visit www.givingweek.sg to know how you can be part of this giving initiative.


Each year, NVPC organises the PVPA, where the President of the Republic of Singapore confers the highest honour in giving upon those whose thoughts and actions have best exemplified our spirit of giving. Read more on PVPA 2016 on www.pvpa.org.sg.







We develop the capacity of intermediaries to amplify and expand the giving ecosystem in Singapore.



The ComPass programme enables an organisational leader to understand and hone their competencies in tackling the challenges of running a non-profit organization. It helps the executive leadership define their professional development plan. Know about ComPass here.


PulseCheck focuses the non-profit board on understanding the critical link between its strategic plan and the board’s expertise required to achieve the plan. Using a self-assessment survey as the starting point, PulseCheck determines the current and future Board mix of experiences and skills based on the non-profit’s desired impact. Know more here.







We are committed to be with you on your Giving Journey

Through our initiatives we are committed to supporting and strengthening the community of givers, makers, leaders, servants, dreamers and do-ers who together will do the good we can do. Here's to being and building the City of Good. #CityofGood.

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