Launching in February 2016, the Singapore Roadmap for Corporate Giving will help to develop a company‚Äôs capacity to give more and to give better.  Through the Roadmap, a company can access a curated pool of resources, toolkits and networks to help them give more extensively and strategically.

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Here are some other resources that are available for you to download.


An Employee Volunteering Guide

This book is designed primarily as a guide for corporate organisations that would like to start their own employee volunteering programmes. It introduces corporate social responsibility and promotes greater awareness of the different aspects of volunteering and philanthropy. It also features a simple step-by-step guide on how to organise a volunteering activity for employees and other useful templates and websites.

Download the FREE guide (in three parts) below:

Employee Volunteering Guide: Part 1

Employee Volunteering Guide: Part 2

Employee Volunteering Guide: Part 3


Time, Talent & Treasure: Best Practices in Corporate Giving

Published by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), the book features case studies of 13 corporate givers, including NVPC award winners, drawn from various organisations in different industries. From bottom-up initiatives to multi-national corporations to smaller outfits drawn into volunteering through their umbrella organisations, corporate giving is more than just making donations to charities. It is about giving time, talent and treasure, and there are many meaningful ways to give.

Download the guide as listed below:

Cover, Contents, Foreword

Part 1: From Ground Up

Part 2: Firm Hands, Warm Hearts

Part 3: It is in Our DNA to Give

Part 4: Building on a Single Cause

Part 5: Giving to Several Causes

Part 6: Birthing a Signature Event

Part 7: On a Social Mission

Part 8: Volunteering: Strength in Numbers

Glossary, Contacts, Acknowledgement