Senior Executive, Corporate Giving (Curriculum Design)

As part of the drive to attain NVPC’s vision of “a Giving Nation”, the Corporate Giving team has established a national programme, Company of Good, to help companies to give better. Companies engage in the programme to understand their giving profile, build their knowledge, capability and network, and partner with other like-minded businesses to do good.

The Corporate Giving team is offering an exciting opportunity for a passionate individual who is driven and who has the right purpose and aptitude to create impact to serve community and societal needs at a national level. This person will also share in the belief that corporates can be a powerful source of support to build greater social resilience for Singapore.

As a component under the Company of Good programme and to inspire companies in Singapore to join on the bandwagon of giving and giving better, an annual recognition platform is to be established to identify the top corporate giving stories and to profile these companies. The candidate is required to help establish and run the recognition platform.

Duties and Responsibilities

The candidate will join the corporate giving team to:

Company of Good Training & Stakeholders Development

Curriculum Design & Development and Corporate Giving Multiplier / Leader Development

  1. Assist in the design and development of Company of Good training curriculum
  2. Assist in the design of key learning outcomes in relation to the training programme
  3. Ensure that the curriculum designed and developed pass external accreditations, where applicable
  4. Develop partnerships and recruit suitable trainers and curriculum developers/vendors
  5. Optimise the effectiveness of the training programme by addressing feedback and clarifications in relation to curriculum design, development and delivery
  6. Review curriculum design and development system for enhancement
  7. Build up a strong pipeline of prospective companies and cultivate them for joining Company of Good training programme
  8. Build up an alumni network and membership of Company of Good Work
  9. Engage with multi-stakeholders to ensure that the different interests are aligned and the core objectives of NVPC, Corporate Giving team and funders are served

Multiplier & Leaders Development and Other Corporate Giving programmes

  1. Support the engagement and development of Corporate Givers to be multipliers and leaders – developing giving programmes, matching and collaborations that expand the number of participants in the eco-system
  2. Engage and cultivate stakeholders to become ambassadors and exemplary models of giving
  3. Assist and implement capacity and capability building programmes to help companies to start giving
  4. Generate potential matches for companies and non-profit organisations to engage in corporate giving
  5. Support the corporate giving team in various projects such as Giving Movement, Giving.SG, Corporate Giving Practitioners’ Network and Business Leaders’ Network



  • University degree preferably in Corporate Communications, Marketing, Business Administration or Management, Political Science, Social Work.
  • Minimum 1 year of working experience.
  • Experience in supporting training and curriculum.
  • Experience in developing and implementing business-related programmes.
  • Experience in curriculum design and development in the adult education sector.
  • Knowledge of the corporate operational environment and/or the not- for-profit sector.
  • Project management experience and skills.
  • Strong project administration ability and able to manage competing priorities in a fast paced environment.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal / relationship building skills with ability to work cross-functionally and develop strong strategic partnerships.
  • Ability to work independently with personal initiative with the desire to meet personal and team objectives.
  • Passionate about the social sector and engendering a spirit of giving throughout Singapore.
  • Positive attitude towards learning.
  • Hands-on and detailed.
  • Gregarious and team-oriented.
  • Ability to think strategically.


How to Apply

  • Please email your resume, stating current and expected salary to
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. 


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