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Sector Insights Project
The sector insights project aims to understand the needs and opportunities for philanthropy and volunteerism in Singapore so as to facilitate more informed and thoughtful giving. This will involve an in-depth exploration of six sectors in the giving landscape: education, health, social service, sports, arts & culture and the environment. 
Work Scope
A) Duties & Responsibilites
You will be responsible:
• Developing a comprehensive resource directory for two of the sectors i.e. education, health, social service, sports, arts & culture or the environment.
• Analysing the collated resources to glean insights that would inform and motivate givers
• Exploring innovative solutions to engage the community and other stakeholders in addressing the issues identified  
B) Deliverables: 
• A comprehensive resource directory that includes government, private sector and non-profit initiatives in the sector chosen
• A validated set of quantitative and qualitative insights that can guide giving for givers from different age groups
C) Pre-requisites:
• Strong skills in qualitative research  & analysis 
• Fluency in written and spoken English
• Interest and familiarity with at least one of the sectors 
• Experience in community asset mapping is desirable
D) Qualifications:
• Undergraduate specialising in Sociology, Psychology, Economics or other social science discipline
E) Internship Period:
• May to July 2016
Learning and experiences that you will acquire from this internship:
• Exposure to and understanding of the needs and opportunities for volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore
• An appreciation of the values and motivations of givers in Singapore, and how to engage them effectively
• An opportunity to engage with and learn from leaders and experts in the sector 
How to Apply 
• Please email your resume to
• Only shortlisted candidates will be notified


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