Our Teams


The Strategic Partnership Division is divided into three teams:

1. Sector Engagement – This team looks after the giving needs among the non-profit organisations in Singapore. The team’s main role is to help create awareness on the actual needs, and to facilitate and equip NPOs to better receive and manage community resources from donors and volunteers.

2. Individual Giving – This team is responsible for developing strategies to promote and increase giving by individuals from a life-stage perspective. The current focuses include working with schools and youth-organisations to reach out to students and youth, working with professional associations to promote skills-based volunteerism among working professionals, and supporting C3A in promoting senior volunteerism.

3. Philanthropy and Grants – This team looks at understanding the philanthropy landscape in Singapore in order to promote better giving by grant-makers and philanthropists, as well as to facility better access by NPOs to such available resources. The team is also currently working on developing a grant that would be able to support the development of the giving ecosystem in Singapore.


  • Marcus Chee

    Marcus’s philanthropic spirit has ensured that sponsoring 7 kids through World Vision Singapore and World Vision Taiwan isn’t enough. His commitment has made him shift from his flourishing career with the Civil Services and (then) MCYS to his current role designing strategic programs for the non-profit sector. His personal approach to doing-good has given him some very interesting experiences, especially during his visit to his beneficiary in Myanmar, right after the Saffron revolution.
  • Darrel Lim
    Deputy Director

    Once you are done with being awed by his intimidating list of professional accomplishments, you see Darrel for the fun loving guy and doting father that he is. Between the time spent trekking with his young daughter, and running workshops (called BelieveMake) for underprivileged kids, Darrel has garnered extensive experience spanning strategy formulation, programme design and execution across sectors. When asked however, he claims that his proudest achievement is the marshmallow catapult he once built at a 3D printing workshop that he organised for kids.
  • Shawn Soh
    Lead, Non-Profit Sector Engagement

    Shawn found his calling after working under the bright lights of the MICE industry for five years. He started his career with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) in a community partnership role, following it up with his work at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) and eventually NVPC. Shawn actively volunteers outside of his work hours, with a number of causes, including the People’s Association Grassroots Movement, as an advocate for youth, with the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), as well as with a children’s English literacy programme that focuses on children at-risk.
  • Muhammad Sofian Bin Moojimmy
    Lead, Public Sector Engagement

    Sofian integrates philanthropy into both work and play! He has been involved in numerous community outreach and community development initiatives in the healthcare and social sectors and has worked closely with the youth and adult segments of the community, participants and volunteers alike. He loves playing, watching and analyzing football and believes that sports is a force for good. He spends his personal time helping out in weekly community football sessions, especially getting more adults to participate and sweat it out.
  • John Chong
    Lead, Youth Engagement

    A strategist by profession, John is a teacher at heart. Before NVPC happened to him, he taught at secondary schools as well as developed programs for youth. His passion leads him to volunteer with Enactus to mentor students involved in social entrepreneurship, and burn the midnight oil for major youth events. John can often be seen working standing up! His explanation is that he thinks better on his feet, literally!
  • Ramandeep Sidhu
    Assistant Director, Philanthropy and Partnerships

    Ramandeep’s association with non-profits started right from the word go. Ramandeep has worked in non-profits across UK, India and Singapore across various roles in the finance domain, and now lends her expertise to the grants team. Mother of a school-going son, and a baker by hobby, she volunteers regularly in her community as well as her child’s school. Raman was once part of a fashion show where she helped redesign pre-loved clothes for the British Heart Foundation.