Company of Good


Launched by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation Foundation, the Company of Good is a programme designed to help businesses give better. The Company of Good Framework comprises 4 “Is” to guide companies on giving better and holistically. “Investment” defines how extensively and strategically a company gives. ”Integration” depicts how giving is integrated with the business functions and interests of a company. ”Institutionalisation” outlines how giving is supported by its policies, systems and incentives. ”Impact” is assessed by the mechanisms put in place to measure the outcomes of the company’s giving efforts.


Through Company of Good, companies can take a quiz to understand their profile of giving, access a useful pool of resources and toolkits to build their knowledge and capabilities to give better, and join the Company of Good Network to partner other companies to champion corporate giving in Singapore. As part of the Company of Good Network, companies can represent and advocate corporate giving in Singapore and be allowed to use the Company of Good badge as part of their corporate identity.


Training programmes will be made available at the later part of the year.

You can start your Company of Good journey here.