Our Teams


The Corporate Development team oversees Human Resource functions, organizational effectiveness, finance and administration.


  • Amy Teo

    Amy is armed with a Masters of Management, and has over 20 years of broad-based career experience. On a regularly basis, she volunteers with ACE Seniors. She’s also a board member with Singapore Professionals’ and Executives’ Cooperatives (SPEC). She makes it a point to commit an hour a day for exercise and/or reflection.
  • Ai Leen Lee
    Administrator, Human Resource

    Armed with 20 years of experience in the Finance sector, it’s no wonder that Ai Leen manages all claims and benefits for staff. Her love for finance however, can’t compare to her love of Asia’s most staple food – rice.
  • Shah
    Operations Assistant

    Shah is the apple of NVPC’s eye. Ever helpful and ever cheerful, Shah makes sure everybody has what they want, when they want it. Shah’s helpfulness extends beyond his work as he volunteers as a role model leading Malay language translation for the elders of the Malay community. Shah likes the traditional Malay-Javanese culture, outings with his family, and maintains an enviable collection of motorcycle helmets!
  • Teo Hui Wen (Wendy)
    Customer Service Officer

    Wendy’s experience with corporate training and coaching MOE students is perhaps what makes her the empathetic and caring colleague we know her to be. Wendy has a ear for music, an eye for the arts and a penchant for playing the harmonica. She has volunteered with Jalan Kukoh and at the National Day, and looks forward to more such opportunities.
  • Jyn Yip
    Lead, Planning & Board Management

    Jyn is an avid writer. She has co-authored a children's book, recorded audio books and is active in values education. She enjoys giving herself and others a moment of stillness and insights through yoga practice.
  • Joey Tung

    If NVPC had a behind the scenes team, Joey Tung would be it. This researcher turned administrator ensures everything is always in place terms of infrastructure and office consumables. Her idea of a good time is chilling with a glass of wine.