Our Teams



The Advocacy team creates hype, stories and touch points that impact and make you think and (hopefully) gear up to GIVE.


  • Charlotte Goh

    Charlotte is the kind of person whom you will easily warm up to, thanks to her affable and dynamic personality. Not one to settle for the status quo, she is constantly brimming with ideas on how to execute things differently. Her belief in making an impact has led her to run a fundraising project that supports marginalised women and children in Singapore and the region.
  • Tan Su San
    Assistant Director
    Advocacy & Communications
    Su San’s love for the sector began 15 years ago at YMCA. Prior to that, she taught, beach-bummed and designed an interactive online content in a startup. This free-spirited veteran and bunny-lover believes in taking seasonal hiatuses to seek and serve. Her spontaneity had seen her raise charity dollars and media value, helm a sporting event and an advocacy campaign for the HIV-infected communities. She recently graduated with a Master in Tri-Sector Collaboration. Her best humanitarian experiences were from Nepal and Timor-Leste, where she witnessed how systemic poverty debilitated mankind.
  • Michiyo Suzuki
    Giving Architect
    Giving Week and Company of Good

    Michiyo is full of surprises. From her rainbow hair to her edgy dress sense, you would never guess that she finds enjoyment in buying groceries in her spare time and folds laundry as a form of relaxation. She has years of creative/marketing experience under her belt, including working on Fashion Week. She finds great fulfilment in giving back, and has spent time volunteering in Philippines for disaster relief.
  • Gillian Tan

    Gillian has the most glamorous job in the team as she gets paid to wine and dine with celebrities. Ever the optimist, she never fails to brighten up anyone’s day with her cheery disposition. Her idea of unwinding after a hard day of work includes playing with her beloved dog RiRi (yes inspired by Rihanna) or tutoring children at Club Rainbow.
  • Li Zhen Neo

    Beneath Li Zhen’s quiet exterior is an exuberant love for life. This closet Van Gogh is passionate about humanitarian causes and is a monthly visitor to homes for children and the elderly. When Li Zhen is not busy organising appreciation and award ceremonies, she is either out ticking countries off her travel bucket list, or running a marathon or two to cover the home turf.
  • Melody Lee

    Melody is a fully trained marcom ninja who has sharpened her formidable marketing and communications skills at the Prime Minister's Office, the Walt Disney Company and NVPC. Don’t be fooled by the tough exterior though; this soft hearted animal lover has spent many a day volunteering at SPCA and Madam Wong’s Shelter. A Wong Kar Wai fan, Melody also makes videos on social issues and runs a community initiative called theMeowthbrand that raises funds for local NPOs