Our Teams


The Knowledge team drives research in NVPC. We run studies that dig deep into the giving culture in Singapore. Examples of research studies that we run are the Individual Giving Survey and the Corporate Giving survey. These studies helps to determine the direction and strategy of NVPC.


  • Karen Wee
    Assistant Director

    Karen walks the talk when it comes to volunteering. For the past two decades, she has been consistently volunteering at various special-needs schools and hospitals, along with her family. Karen’s diverse career, ranging from accountancy, to fundraising, to communications, and desire to explore and learn from different people, have given her many unique experiences, including a lesson in optimism from an inmate at Woodbridge Hospital.
  • Roshini Prakash
    Assistant Director

    From direct volunteering to research, communications, CSR, and policy setting; when it comes to non-profits, Roshini has been there and done that. But being armed with such impressive qualifications does not make Roshini a dull girl. Spontaneous and open to experiences, she once took 3 months off to explore Spain’s culinary culture while on a journey learning Spanish! Back home in Singapore, she has also been part of a Midnight Bread Run for the homeless. Roshini spends her time serving at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled.
  • Choy Yee Mun
    Lead, Analytics & Knowledge Partnership

    Yee Mun has been with NVPC for 7 years and has worked on research, grants, volunteer management consultancy and skill-based volunteering. She first started her career at the then MCYS as a probation officer which intrigued her acute sense of analysis and investigative work. Yee Mun graduated with a degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing a Master in Tri-Sector Collaboration at SMU. Beyond her gentle disposition is someone who loves animals and a keen advocate to push research work deeper and towards application.
  • Puar Si Liang
    Initiative Lead, Giving Movement,
    Insights & Content Creation

    Si Liang joined NVPC upon graduation and has been deeply involved with giving ever since. Aside from volunteering at Tanjong Pagar CC and helping disadvantaged youth, he also participates in events all over Singapore for a variety of causes. Perhaps, this is his way of atoning for his past (mis)deeds of repeatedly playing April fool pranks in his school’s library.
  • Gloria Arlini
    Lead, Strategy & Future

    Gloria is no newbie to the third sector. After her first tryst with human hardship during her internship with the International Organization for Migration in Jakarta, her work at the intelligence unit of SPH magazines led her to travel to Meulaboh, Aceh, as a volunteer, during the post-tsunami period in 2004 to document stories of survival, hope and resilience. These experiences are what fuelled her to co-found Nusantara Development Initiatives, an NPO aiming to empower women and develop rural communities in Indonesia. An award winning sportswoman, Gloria feels the world is both “a playing field and a stage”, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Danielle Hong
    Insights & Content Creation

    Don’t be fooled by her hipster college girl look. For someone of her age, Danielle has amassed quite a few experiences. This MA in Law, Development and Globalisation, has had her hands quite full between working with socio-cultural issues like migration, integration and youth movements, and volunteering as co-founder of Kopitiam Lengkok Bahru. Notable among Danielle’s myriad interests is “masochistic cross-country running”, inspired by her recent near-death-experience of running 10k at the Green Corridor Run.