Our Teams


The Digital Innovation team believes in innovating before we have to. We are not nerds, but are attracted to cutting edge technology that let us learn and create new ways of doing things better.

We strive to accelerate social innovation through a giving platform to enable the community to connect, learn, create, share and give to the causes we care about.

We build our culture upon the principles of Agile Development, Lean Methodology and Design Thinking to achieve our platform mission.


  • Andy Sim

    Andy will make you believe in John Lennon’s “Imagine”, when he talks of his vision for the future of Giving. However, this dreamer’s imaginations are founded on a solid 30 years of experience helping companies transform and thrive through technology, and grounded in conviction in the uplifting and bonding powers of giving. Volunteering helps Andy get in touch with himself and increase his closeness with his family. He is now a regular board volunteer and his children are involved in bringing joy to their lesser privileged counterparts. It is perhaps this urge to bring joy to others that made him participate in the Christmas Cantatas, where he met his “Dream girl”.
  • Wilson Teng
    Deputy Director

    When Wilson is not making rounds in prison yards (No, not as an inmate, but as a volunteer, sharing the Christmas message of hope and joy), he works to continuously maintain and improve NVPC's giving platform. Our go-to man for digital technology and innovation, Wilson integrates the modern into the traditional, serving on several non-profit boards and as leader of social concerns and men’s ministries at a local church.
  • Kenneth Ong
    Product Lead, Giving.sg

    Kenneth’s love for adventure is perhaps what makes him so good at Digital Innovations. A former defence employee, this NVPC veteran loves travelling and the exhilaration of taking on the unknown; talking to strangers, experiencing the thrill of getting lost, exploring uncharted territories and finding his way back through hitherto unknown roads.
  • Louise Sim
    Giving.sg Operations

    Always sporting a smile, Louise is the formidable number cruncher of the Digital Innovation Team. A regular volunteer at Willing Hearts and Soup Kitchen, and erstwhile pre-teaching assistant at Naifaru, Maldives, this soft-spoken lady will take you by surprise when you hear more of her adventures with sea-diving off a safari boat!!
  • Teresa Tan
    Giving.sg Operations

    Teresa Tan is an NVPC loyalist. Over her 10 year career with us, she has handled a range of roles from Corporate Development to HR to Operations before taking charge of running our SGgives platform. Teresa’s warm and friendly personality and self –proclaimed indifference to cockroaches and other creepy-crawlies, makes her the perfect person to at accompany the KidsRead where she has been volunteering. When she’s not entertaining kids, Teresa enjoys Korean dramas, curries and window shopping.
  • Daniel Teng
    Lead, Infrastructure Systems

    Daniel has the most critical job of us all. From ensuring that the IT infrastructure of NVPC is up and running at all times, to helping colleagues with their digital dilemmas, Daniel does it all! Daniel’s mantra - “You’ll never know if you’ve not taken the first step” led him to take his first shot at volunteering 10 years ago at elderly care centres, where he is now a regular, and where we are sure, he is as indispensable as he is to us.